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Perfect for driven self-learners, this course is your launchpad to unmatched expertise and a dynamic corporate future.

Introduction to AI in Business

  • Understanding AI Basics: Explore the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its various forms.
  • Impact on Businesses: Learn how AI is transforming different industries and business functions.

Outcome: Expect to have a solid understanding of AI fundamentals and its transformative role in business.

AI in Business

Case Studies and Applications

AI Case Studies and Applications

  • Real-World Business Applications: Delve into case studies showcasing successful AI implementations in business.
  • Lessons from Failures: Analyze instances where AI didn’t meet business expectations and the lessons learned.

Outcome: Gain insights into practical AI applications and learn from both successes and failures in the industry.

Assessing Business Needs for AI

  • Identifying AI Opportunities: Learn to pinpoint areas in your business ripe for AI integration.
  • Needs Analysis: Understand how to evaluate business needs, explainability and readiness for AI solutions.

Outcome: You’ll be equipped to identify potential AI applications tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Assessing Needs for AI

Technologies & Tools

AI Technologies and Tools

  • Overview of AI Technologies: Get acquainted with key AI technologies relevant to businesses.
  • Tools and Resources: Discover the tools and resources available for implementing AI in business.

Outcome: Acquire knowledge about essential AI technologies and tools, preparing you for practical application.

Developing Your AI Roadmap

  • Strategic Planning for AI: Learn to develop a strategic AI roadmap aligned with your business goals.
  • Frameworks and Strategies: Understand the frameworks and strategies for integrating AI into business processes.

Outcome: Develop the skills to create a comprehensive and actionable AI roadmap for your business.

Developing Your AI Roadmap

Implementing Your AI Solutions

Implementing Your AI Solutions

  • Deployment Strategies: Explore effective strategies for AI solution deployment and data protection.
  • Management and Scaling: Learn about managing and scaling AI solutions to meet evolving business needs.

Outcome: Gain the expertise to promote, implement, manage, and scale AI solutions effectively within your organization.

Our course stands as a beacon of knowledge, offered freely, creating a bridge to our expertise that awaits your signal to proceed.

Christopher Helm, Managing Director (CEO) of Helm & Nagel GmbH