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artificial intelligence course by helm & nagel gmbh

Are you working in IT, marketing, product management or business strategy in the DACH region? Are you a decision-maker in your company considering integrating AI into your business processes? Or are you simply looking to acquire new knowledge? Helm & Nagel GmbH offers a free Online 6-Week Artificial Intelligence Course designed to enhance and deepen your understanding and practical application of AI.

The next Online AI Course starts on June 10, 2024. The course content is tailored specifically for professionals and decision-makers from the DACH region, but also allows for easy entry at lower levels of prior knowledge.

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Important information

Please note:

  • The official registration deadline is June 9, 2024.
  • The course content will primarily be delivered in German.
  • There is no limit on the number of participants.
  • Also relevant for all Konfuzio customers.

With this offer, Helm & Nagel GmbH provides added value in the form of free knowledge. This underscores our commitment to spreading high-quality AI knowledge as widely as possible.

German expertise meets Artificial Intelligence

Helm & Nagel GmbH, with its established AI software product Konfuzio, is at the forefront of AI development in the area of intelligent document processing and advanced process automation. The 6-week AI course embodies the care and quality associated with “Made & hosted in Germany,” offering deep insights into both theoretical and practical AI applications aimed at implementing AI in businesses and improving business processes.

Course Details

The Online Artificial Intelligence Course spans 6 weeks. Each week is carefully planned to expand your understanding through a mix of theoretical foundations and practical applications. Each of the 6 weekly modules is divided into three phases, each requiring about 2 hours of your time. The content deepens progressively — the intensity of engagement can be tailored individually.

Structured learning, tailored for professionals and decision-makers:

Preliminary briefing

Each week begins with an email announcement outlining the content and objectives for the week, providing a solid foundation. This section ensures you are well-prepared and is supported by high-quality resources that offer a preliminary insight into the learning content and a shared context.

Expert discussion

Gain exclusive access to a deep dive expert discussion on the topic of the module, facilitated by carefully prepared questions. Key figures in these discussions include:

  • Tim Filzinger – Technology Editorial Expert and press contact for all matters related to the Helm & Nagel product Konfuzio.
  • Christopher Helm – Managing Director of Helm & Nagel GmbH and pioneer of Konfuzio.

These sessions are designed to challenge prevailing views and introduce new perspectives, while showcasing the innovative spirit of German AI research and development.


Each week concludes with a detailed email summary that evaluates the insights gained and addresses any outstanding questions. This reinforces the learning outcomes and promotes ongoing engagement with advanced content.

Find a general overview of the agenda here

Please understand that content details are intended only for course participants. If interested, please register. We look forward to every registration.

To register, please visit the official registration page for the AI course by Helm & Nagel GmbH or scroll to the end of this article.

Why choose the educational offer by Helm & Nagel GmbH?

Helm & Nagel GmbH is not only a pioneer in AI technology but also a practitioner, with numerous successfully implemented projects. By participating in this course, you gain knowledge from a company that not only develops Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses but also implements them across various industries. This practical experience is invaluable for anyone seeking to apply AI in their professional setting.


The 6-Week Artificial Intelligence Course offers a pragmatic and thorough introduction to the use of and implementation of AI in business. Whether you aim to enhance your skills for professional growth or to implement AI strategies in your company, the experts at Helm & Nagel GmbH are with you every step of the way.

Seize the opportunity to expand your understanding of AI with German innovation knowledge:

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