Build upon Endurance

Commited to Enterprise Excellence

In the heart of the AI revolution, Helm & Nagel GmbH emerges as the quintessence of a founders-owned company, dedicated to delivering unwavering support to sophisticated and leading corporates and enterprises. Our journey is a testament to the enduring power of vision, friendship, and the pursuit of excellence in the business landscape.

Founded by Christopher Helm and Julius Nagel, Helm & Nagel GmbH is rooted in a commitment to enterprise excellence that goes beyond the ordinary.

As Helm & Nagel GmbH flourished, we welcomed Florian Zyprian, a seasoned expert in AI and technology, as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His arrival marked a pivotal transition in our leadership, guided by a spirit of camaraderie and mutual benefit.

The transition was seamless, with Julius Nagel departing in good faith to explore his passion for the world of cryptocurrencies. It was a departure born of respect, with Helm and Nagel wishing each other success in their respective endeavors.

Unlike most other AI companies, we don’t have venture capital or corporate owners. We own the company.

As pioneers we are weaving together data and insight in unprecedented ways.

Crafting the future with precision

Deep Expertise

The year 2018 marked a milestone with the evolution of AI algorithms that could learn and adapt like never before. Helm & Nagel was at the forefront, integrating these transformative tools into our solutions, offering our clients a glimpse into a future where AI was not just a tool, but a corporate comrade.

In the ensuing years, as AI burgeoned into a force majeure, we remained at the cutting edge. The advent of GPT models by OpenAI, starting with GPT-3 in 2020, opened new vistas for natural language processing. Helm & Nagel GmbH swiftly incorporated these breakthroughs, revolutionizing how businesses interacted with data and narratives.

We fuse experience and innovation.

Guiding the Vanguard of Enterprise Excellence

Corporate Comrades

Our journey through the AI landscape has been marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence. As AI evolved, so did we, adapting and growing, always with an eye on the horizon. Today, we stand as a testament to the power of enduring vision and relentless innovation in the AI domain.

In a world where AI is often seen as a disruptor, we position ourselves as Corporate Comrades. Our approach is not to supplant but to augment, enhancing the capabilities of businesses through AI that is both powerful and ethical. We understand that the future of AI is not just about technology; it’s about people, values, and the seamless integration of digital intelligence into the fabric of business.

Our ethos is grounded in a profound understanding of AI’s potential and its trajectory. We have harnessed the transformative power of AI to redefine the landscape of business intelligence and data analysis. Our solutions are not mere products; they are beacons guiding enterprises towards a future where data is not daunting, but empowering.

At Helm & Nagel GmbH, we are not just witnesses to the AI revolution; we are its architects. Our trajectory from 2016 to the present is a tapestry of innovation, woven with the threads of technological advancements and strategic foresight.

Press & Prizes

AI Excellence


Helm & Nagel GmbH has garnered notable attention through their participation in prominent events and collaborations with esteemed organizations. They showcased their innovative AI software at an event organized by appliedAI, Germany’s largest initiative for AI technology, supported by industry giants like BMW, Google, Infineon, Linde, NVIDIA, and Siemens. Their cutting-edge Konfuzio Python SDK was introduced at a hackathon sponsored by Siemens and Zollhof. Renowned platforms such as Frankfurt Valley and Techquartier have recognized Helm & Nagel’s contributions to AI, while Deutsche Telekom honored them for pioneering digital processes. Additionally, their collaboration with Payyxtron and participation in the InsureNXT congress fair, a hub for insurance innovation, further cements their status as leaders in the AI domain.